Lynn Aineo is a Zurich-based singer-songwriter and guitarist who creates contemporary / alternative music in her mother tongue Runyankole-Rukiga and English. She was born and raised in the hills of a small town called Rukungiri in south western Uganda.

She grew up listening to and performing traditional folk music from this region. This has influenced and continues to shape her style of music.

Lynn, a charming musical storyteller, draws inspiration from her surroundings and personal experiences as a black queer woman, to create the tapestry that has become her distinctive sound.

Lynn has been active on the alternative music scene for over two years now and has already performed at numerous venues, events and theatres in and around Zurich. She most notably performed as one of the three main musical acts at The Frauenstrike on 14th June 2019 on the main stage at Helvetiaplatz in Zurich. Her act as a solo performer usually involves her, her guitar and a microphone. She has also done some collaborations with other musicians like Singer/Songwriter/Activist Lila Lisi. 




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