Support a Special Queer Collective in Uganda

The idea of this egalitarian collective was started in September 2021 by a transgender human rights activist, and paralegal and was inspired by his activism, love of
nature and experience as a farmer. It is made up of 6 diverse individuals running underground community care Activities that are woven around Farming, Art, Mental Health Advocacy, Collaboration, and Ethical human-centered design.

One of their much needed and currently at risk initiatives is a healing studio and home, which is a communal space that accommodates up to 10 people at a time each month, with separate rooms and a garden where fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown for personal consumption, and nutritional support, as well as to teach sustainable food practices.
The collective provides mentorship, counseling, and guidance, and collaborates with queer-friendly service providers for those needing professional psychological, medical, and legal support. Additionally, the collective uses gardening, collective organizing, art, and creative writing workshops as therapeutic tools.